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Facts and Figures

What is the RESOLUTE consortium?

RESOLUTE is a public-private partnership of 13 members from academia and pharma.

What is RESOLUTE’s main goal?

RESOLUTE wants to trigger an escalation in the appreciation and intensity of research on solute carriers (SLCs) and to establish SLCs as an attractive target class for medical research and drug development.

How will RESOLUTE approach this task?

RESOLUTE will generate reliable and validated tools and reagents, such as engineered cell lines and plasmids, which will be available to the scientific community.
RESOLUTE will employ a central deorphanisation process that combines the power of genomic engineering and omics approaches.
RESOLUTE will develop assays for as many SLCs as possible.
RESOLUTE will share these data and make them publicly available for the community in a novel SLC data- and knowledgebase.

Who is funding RESOLUTE?

RESOLUTE is funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and in-kind contributions from the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA).

What are SLCs?

With more than 400 members, SLCs are the main human gene group of membrane transporters.

Why are SLCs important?

SLCs transport important and essential compounds such as nutrients, metabolites, but also drugs across membranes.

Are SLCs medically relevant?

Yes, absolutely. About 200 SLCs are implicated in disease by genetic association. Furthermore, SLCs have an impact on transport and consequently function of medically relevant drugs.

How well are SLCs already studied?

Actually, SLCs are severely understudied (30% orphans), despite their strong medical relevance (César-Razquin, Snijder et al. Cell, 2015).

Consequently, the time is right for a systematic attack on SLC function, specificity, and regulation by the RESOLUTE consortium.