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Research Empowerment on Solute Carriers

RESOLUTE is a public-private partnership with 13 partners from academia and industry with an overarching goal: To trigger an escalation in the appreciation and intensity of research on solute carriers (SLCs) worldwide and to establish SLCs as a tractable target class for medical research and development.

RESOLUTE is funded by a grant from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) and is resolved to create a decisive advancement in the overall tractability of the Solute Carrier class of protein transporters (SLCs) by providing practical and conceptual advances, and making its research output available openly and pre-competitively to the scientific community. We argue that the ~400 members of this class represent a largely untapped source of new potential drug targets and thus merit the efficiency of scale that can be achieved only through systematic and coordinated efforts.

RESOLUTE's impact will transcend the funded consortium and funding period by providing the evidence for the feasibility of turning the SLC group of proteins into attractive drug targets. This will be achieved by empowering the community with reagents, research tools, protocols, and databases as well as the necessary ‘social and cultural’ instruments and exchange platforms. Thus, RESOLUTE will become an example of how a relatively understudied and biochemically demanding group of proteins can be ‘unlocked’ for research and development in a public-private partnership. Through the coupling of an inclusive, ‘open-access ethos’ to the results, techniques and reagents with the highest-possible quality of research output, RESOLUTE expects to accelerate the pace of research in the field of SLCs to the global benefit of basic academic research through to applied research in small biotech and pharmaceutical companies.