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3rd RESOLUTE Consortium meeting

Milan, Italy

On 6-8 November 2019, the 3rd RESOLUTE Consortium Meeting took place near Milan, Italy. 70 partners joined the event, which was hosted by Axxam at OpenZone. The first day of the meeting kicked off with presentations on updates from several of the RESOLUTE projects, which showcased the progress achieved since the last consortium meeting in Krems, in June 2019. Presenters also highlighted future avenues of research that can be achieved through intense collaboration.

The second day was dedicated to a “Data Integration workshop”, where participants discussed insights and tools to extract knowledge from the combination of diverse data types generated within the RESOLUTE project. The workshop included keynote talks by Avner Schlessinger (Mount Sinai, New York, USA), Rob Russell and Francesco Raimondi (BioQuant Heidelberg, Germany), and Patrick Aloy (IRB, Barcelona, Spain). EFPIA representatives Andreas Steffen (Bayer AG), Robert Stanton (Pfizer Ltd), and Karsten Quast (Boehringer-Ingelheim), as well as CeMM members Enrico Girardi and Eva Meixner, shared specific examples and tools related to data integration.

On the last day, RESOLUTE external collaborators presented several strategies to develop high-affinity binders for Solute Carriers (SLCs), which will help boost research on this protein class. This was followed by project-specific discussions leading to the definition of current priorities and plans for the second year of RESOLUTE.

We would like to thank OpenZone and Axxam for the smooth organisation, and all participants and partner institutions for their enthusiasm and fruitful discussions!